How to Soften Calluses


0:05 everybody home Kelly West your beauty

0:07 and lifestyle expert and you know I'm

0:09 also a licensed medical aesthetician and

0:11 in my office I do a lot of really

0:13 expensive treatments so I like to every

0:16 once in a while show my patients how to

0:17 do some of those treatments at home

0:19 which is what I'm gonna do for you today

0:21 and one of the big issues that people

0:22 come to me for are calluses so if you

0:25 get calluses on your hands

0:27 calluses on your feet this is a great

0:29 home remedy for that the best thing to

0:32 do especially for the feet is to do

0:33 about a 20-minute foot soak so I'm gonna

0:36 show you quickly how to do that you just

0:38 heat up some water get yourself a nice

0:42 bowl like this one if you also just have

0:44 like a big Tupperware Bowl that works to

0:46 fill it with the warm water and then you

0:50 want to add a big scoop of Epsom salts

0:53 okay so just like this a little sprinkle

0:58 around and then to help with peeling off

1:03 the skin apple cider vinegar the vinegar

1:06 in the apple cider vinegar helps to eat

1:09 away all the dead skin so you just do

1:11 few little drops of that and then a

1:15 gentle cleanser I give it just one big

1:18 squeeze and there you go and you just

1:22 want to mix all this up and then stick

1:25 your feet in here and soak for about

1:26 twenty minutes this is a great thing to

1:28 do when you're sitting around watching

1:29 TV all those crazy housewives just put

1:32 it in there for 20 minutes when you take

1:35 your feet out those calluses are going

1:37 to be nice and soft now if you have

1:39 really stubborn ones that need a little

1:41 extra attention you can also use a

1:44 loofah or a pumice brush and just give

1:48 it a nice good brushing off they'll

1:51 start to fall off an additional

1:52 treatment too

1:53 that you can do from what you have at

1:55 home just regular raw cane sugar and a

2:00 little bit of Vaseline this is a great

2:02 way to give an extra exfoliation to

2:06 those calluses and it really is as

2:08 simple it's just placing a little bit on

2:12 the skin

2:13 adding a little bit of the sugar and

2:16 then just rubbing it in again giving it

2:18 a nice deep exfoliation the great thing

2:21 about this too is that you can then

2:23 spread this mixture all over your feet

2:26 all over your hands you can put on

2:28 gloves or socks and sleep in that if you

2:31 want you take that off rinse off your

2:33 feet

2:33 rinse off your hands they're gonna be

2:35 baby smooth super soft a couple of other

2:38 options for additional hydration you can

2:41 add a little bit of hyaluronic acid if

2:43 you keep this in your bathroom for

2:45 skincare put that on your heels on the

2:48 calluses of your hands also if you have

2:51 vitamin E tablets laying around you can

2:54 simply take scissors cut a tablet open

2:57 it's pure vitamin E and then just spread

2:59 it all over those calluses again let it

3:01 sit for a little bit so it helps to

3:03 really moisturize and soften those

3:05 calluses it's a great way to fix things

3:08 and then you always want to finish stuff

3:09 up with a nice body lotion you're gonna

3:12 have smooth soft callous free hands and

3:15 feet so again you guys I'm Kelly West

3:17 for a how calm I'll see you next time

3:25 you