How to Rejuvenate Hair Growth


0:04 hello my name is Mark Weiss I'm my hair

0:07 and makeup artists in print fashion

0:08 entertainment here in New York City my

0:11 friend Samara and model today she has

0:13 asked me previously how do I rejuvenate

0:16 my hair to make it grow longer thicker

0:18 and better well one of the best things

0:20 is to actually get your scalp going

0:23 there are capillaries inside your scalp

0:25 that bring the nutrients to the hair if

0:27 you don't have the nutrients you don't

0:29 have the good hair so what you can do is

0:32 really get the scalp moving be it with

0:35 just a massage of the head using your

0:37 fingers or another thing do you remember

0:40 back during the day when you had the

0:42 Brady Bunch on Marsha used her brush and

0:45 she did her hundred strokes believe it

0:47 or not that is actually one of the best

0:50 things to do is to brush your hair at

0:52 night making sure that you get to your

0:55 scalp through the stimulation and that

0:57 also helps bring the oils down to help

0:59 moisturize and keep the hair looking

1:02 good and shiny so another way is another

1:07 product that is done by nioxin which the

1:10 shampoo has eucalyptus oil into it and

1:13 that helps to stimulate the scalp and

1:16 right from there it'll be bringing

1:19 nutrients to the bulb of the hair which

1:21 will help it grow big and strong thank

1:24 you my name is Mark Weiss and see you

1:27 soon