How to Get Rid of Skin Mites


0:00 hi this is Angie for pro beauty at Pro

0:03 Pilates in Fort Lauderdale Florida and

0:05 today we're going to talk about how to

0:07 get rid of skin mites first I want to

0:09 tell you that I am an esthetician my

0:12 main focus is on skin conditions such as

0:15 acne dry skin and helping folks with

0:18 anti aging I'm not a dermatologist a

0:22 doctor of skin disease so if you feel

0:24 that you do have skin mites also known

0:27 as scabies you should consult your

0:28 dermatologist what skin mites are is an

0:31 itch mite that burrows under the skin

0:32 surface to lay eggs and then they hatch

0:35 and then they travel to the surface and

0:37 grow into mites the breakouts are red

0:40 scabs around the skin and they can be

0:44 itchy bumps if you feel that you have

0:46 this you should consult your

0:47 dermatologist in the meantime what you

0:50 can do because this disease is

0:53 contagious within humans you will want

0:56 to clean everything around you and have

0:58 very good hygiene skills first thing you

1:00 want to do is purchase a pair of gloves

1:02 and wash everything around you you want

1:07 to use gloves to clean everything around

1:10 you and most importantly to keep your

1:12 skin clean using an antibacterial soap

1:18 and you want to bring this to a lather

1:21 you may need to scrub everywhere around

1:25 your body particularly in the axilla the

1:28 armpit area behind the knees around the

1:32 hair that's where those skin mites like

1:34 to hide often these skin mites are

1:37 transferred in places such as warm damp

1:41 environments where people use hot tubs

1:44 saunas so just use proper hygiene if you

1:48 do go to some of these public places by

1:50 placing a towel down and taking a shower

1:52 afterwards and I'm going to apply this

1:54 antibacterial soap using my gloves on to

1:57 my client so you just want to go in

1:59 circular movements to a lather using

2:03 warm lukewarm water and then rinse

2:09 and continue to do this until you notice

2:12 that the red bumps are going away and

2:14 again seek your dermatologists advice

2:17 and again this is angie at pro beauty

2:21 and Proteas at fort lauderdale florida

2:24 thank you