How to Slice Salami


0:04 hi my name is Joseph Cuba I'm the

0:07 corporate executive chef for the

0:09 American Plaza Hotel he ain't gonna

0:11 Rapids Michigan today are going to show

0:13 you how to slice salami give a few words

0:17 of wisdom first maybe you get started

0:19 when you go buy salami there's a few

0:22 different things you should consider

0:24 here's some salami is out there with

0:26 artificial casings which are easy to

0:29 recognize because they have usually a

0:31 prints writings on it then there's

0:33 natural casings out there some with mold

0:35 like this one here which is a natural

0:38 mold you also find on brie cheese common

0:41 bears in overseas and salami

0:43 yeah natural casing totally edible same

0:46 thing on this super sada right here got

0:48 a natural casing on there and also

0:50 totally a edible what I'm going to show

0:54 you is how to slice the salami obviously

0:57 on artificial salami x' you have to you

1:02 have to remove the casing the casing is

1:05 not edible it's made out of plastic or

1:07 seller fan something in this direction

1:09 but just take it off so this salami here

1:13 we remove the artificial casing already

1:16 so it's not edible and we take a sharp

1:19 knife sharp tools important okay and cut

1:24 small wagon wheels straight down this is

1:29 one way you can slice the salami the

1:32 other way you can eat a salami is to cut

1:35 a little bit thicker like a quarter-inch

1:37 thick this oh and you start cutting its

1:42 inside in bite-sized pieces

1:44 this particular salami here is a natural

1:46 casing on it as you can see there's some

1:49 natural mold on it too it's the same

1:51 mold as you'd find on Jesus so it's

1:54 fully edible also the casing is fully

1:56 edible this but this one here it's a

1:59 venison salami with Mangalitsa speck in

2:02 it

2:03 so again we're just going to cut it in a

2:05 bit in thin Beals just like so if you

2:13 find in the salami holds like this here

2:16 it's due to not being breast enough in

2:19 the process of making it and here's the

2:23 here's the skin from the casing in this

2:26 case it was a beef casing it's fully

2:28 edible this slicer here it's a pure

2:31 clean slicer made me in Italy it's a

2:34 Ferrari of all slices there is not

2:38 assuming that you're going to have them

2:39 at home in your kitchen but if you do

2:41 see one if you recognize them right in

2:43 this bright red and in this wheel's it's

2:46 actually a slicer which is powered by a

2:50 hand so it's a manual slicer so here is

2:53 slicing this salami in nice thin slices

2:56 with this machine one thing maybe it's

3:02 worth mentioning is when you slice alarm

3:05 is make sure this alarm is a nice and

3:06 cold be coming out of the refrigeration

3:08 celebi's can be up to 40% in 30 and 40%

3:13 consistency of fat depends on who is

3:17 making it and what you prefer so when

3:20 you slice the salami warm and on a dull

3:21 blade you can see that the salami

3:24 actually smear so the fed smears around

3:26 the ring so make sure

3:27 salami say cut nice and chilled so I

3:31 hope you having good success with

3:33 slicing user llamas and just remember

3:36 the fundamentals of sliding the slicing

3:38 a salami sharp tools and keep everything

3:40 nice and chilled good luck and enjoy

3:42 your salami

3:49 you