How to Shorten the Sleeves of a Lady's Blazer Jacket


0:04 hi this is Katrina something for funsies

0:07 studios and today I'm going to go over

0:09 how to shorten the length of a women's

0:11 blazer for this particular project

0:13 you're going to need a couple of tools

0:14 you're going to need a seam ripper

0:16 you're going to also need a bunch of

0:18 pins so I have a bunch on handy and

0:21 you're going to need a sewing machine if

0:23 you don't have a sewing machine it's

0:25 okay it's going to take you a little bit

0:27 longer to hand stitch it if you do have

0:29 a sewing machine that's wonderful it'll

0:31 be a quicker project

0:32 now most one's Blazers don't have cuffs

0:36 they are just hemmed in at the end and

0:38 that makes this project pretty easy in

0:41 addition we went Blazers tend to have

0:44 lining in them if your blazer doesn't

0:46 have lining you can go ahead and skip

0:48 that step if it does it's only one extra

0:51 thing you need to do the first thing to

0:54 do is to take your seam ripper if your

0:56 jacket has lining go ahead and remove

0:58 the lining from the end of the sleeve

1:01 and just around the whole way so you're

1:06 just going to remove the lining just at

1:08 this point not the whole way up once

1:12 it's removed you're going to take your

1:15 sleeve and you're just going to fold it

1:18 over to the desired length you're going

1:22 to take your lining that's been removed

1:24 fold that over as well so that the

1:28 unfinished end of the lining matches the

1:31 unfinished end of the sleeve take one of

1:35 your pins pin them together and go the

1:41 whole way around the opening matching

1:45 that unfinished under the lining to the

1:46 unfinished end of the sleeve go to your

1:49 sewing machine sew right around that and

1:52 you'll have a perfectly fitted sleeve

1:55 and that is how you shorten the sleeve

1:58 thanks for watching this is Katrina from

2:00 fuzzy studios