How to Sharpen a Kitchen Knife With Steel


0:00 a knife in the kitchen you're number one

0:05 to a sharp knife is your friend a dull

0:11 knife is your enemy I'm Jawara the chef

0:13 I will show you how to sharpen your

0:16 knife how do you know when your knife is

0:19 not sure well when you can't cut

0:22 something with it get a firm grip on

0:24 your handle your steel some amateurs are

0:27 something they might start off like this

0:29 here go that way so that way that way

0:34 that way

0:35 that's all right well that's just safety

0:38 on a port

0:39 what do professionals get a firm grip

0:42 let's go right here right there and

0:48 that's what's a little safety cord right

0:50 down here the bottom this floor you

0:57 probably do about 10 times on each side

1:00 but be careful

1:08 have you finished you show up your knife

1:10 you want to take a kitchen towel and

1:12 wipe your knife cuz you don't want to

1:14 leave no particles and nothing on there

1:15 after you show up in your knife knives

1:22 now you know you get the one so now they

1:25 come in all stainless steel but every

1:27 now and then you might come up with one

1:29 of these here and this is real steel

1:31 might have like a little rust looking

1:34 stuff like on there you don't have to

1:36 worry about that you probably got one of

1:37 these laying around somewhere your house

1:39 with garage cleaning something with you

1:41 shouldn't but this year will take a

1:43 better sharp edge

1:51 uncle water chefs and that's how you

1:53 sharpen your knife that's what I'm

1:55 talking about