How to Sharpen a Kitchen Knife With Steel

by Jawara Kashka

Sharpening a kitchen knife with steel is done by holding the sharpener tightly in one hand and running the knife over the surface about 10 times on each side. Wipe the blade clean using a kitchen towel with instructions from an experienced chef in this free video on cooking.

About the Author

Jawara Kashka began his culinary career in Kansas City, Mo., as a young teen washing dishes at a local restaurant. He quickly moved through various positions in the kitchen, from prep cook to line cook, assistant chef and eventually banquet chef. Kashka then moved to the east coast and worked in various restaurants, all the while increasing his skills at a wide range of cuisines. Bringing his skills to Westport, Conn., he was instrumental in turning Ship's Lantern restaurant into one of the town's most praised culinary hot spots. Kashka also developed off-premise catering for Susan Layton Catering in Fairfield, Conn., and had a long run as the manager of a very successful bakery in Westport.