How to Change a Watch Battery


0:01 Hi my name is Rachel and I'm the owner of Street Fashion Site

0:05 and I'm also a freelance fashion journalist and today we are going to talk about how to

0:09 change the battery in your watch. So the first thing you are going to need is a little tool.

0:17 You can use a knife. You can use an eye glass, screwdriver set. You can use specific watch

0:23 battery changing screwdriver sets but really what you are basically needing is a tool with

0:30 a thin edge that you can kind of get in there and pry the back of the watch off with. What

0:33 I'm using is one of the tiniest screwdriver sets from a kit that I have but it is nice

0:42 and flat and it can really get in there. So some watches have the type of battery that

0:47 you need printed on the back. If it doesn't you are going to have to wait and pry it open

0:51 to find what battery you need. So now to get that back off take a good look around the

0:57 watch and see if you can't find the little divot and that is where you can kind of get

1:01 your little tool in there and start to pry it open. Most watches have a little entrance

1:06 spot, it should be a little divot and you can just dig in there and pop that back right

1:14 off. Now if you are using a really high end watch and it is gold, especially a high percentage

1:21 of gold it is going to be an incredibly soft metal so be very careful where you stick your

1:25 tool, try not to scratch the metal at all or leave any marks on it. The next thing you

1:31 are going to want to do is locate the battery inside the watch and pop that right out. Now

1:36 the battery is pretty tiny. This going to be it right there. It is circular. It looks

1:40 sort of like an aspirin tablet if an aspirin were metal. You are going to want to pop that

1:46 out. So you have your battery out now and you are going to want to take the battery

1:51 and just find out what it is just like if you find a double A battery. Just look on

1:56 the battery and this is an Energizer, 317, go out to your store, buy a like battery,

2:07 pop the lid on tight until you hear the little pop sound so you know it is safe and sound

2:12 in there and you know your battery won't fall out, secure it, and that's how you change

2:17 a watch battery.