How to Shape Your Eyebrows With Eyeglasses


0:04 welcome class to make anomic 101 today's

0:08 Beauty Vice lesson is on how to shape

0:10 your eyebrows with classes let's get

0:14 started because class is in session in

0:17 my 11 years doing eyebrows I've worked

0:20 with many women that have glasses and I

0:22 do the same thing I would do for women

0:26 who don't have glasses except for I

0:28 remove the glasses before I do them and

0:31 then I go into the same steps of how to

0:35 do an eyebrow I begin with trimming the

0:41 eyebrow and tweezing all of the excess

0:48 hair to get a perfect eyebrow shape and

0:54 a great arch the difference between a

0:59 woman with glasses and a woman without

1:01 glasses is that a woman without glasses

1:04 can get away with messy eyebrows a

1:06 little longer because she doesn't have a

1:09 line of a frame of eyeglasses to say hey

1:13 they're a mess hey look at these

1:15 eyebrows they're out of control so you

1:18 just have to be more aware and more

1:20 focused on when you need to be cleaning

1:22 your eyebrows up and then I put their

1:26 glasses back on

1:27 and I say thanks for watching class

1:30 dismissed

1:34 you