How to Choose a Glasses Frame Color


0:05 hi i'm jacqueline perrault cesky and

0:08 today we're going to discuss what color

0:10 of eyeglasses frames do you choose when

0:12 shopping for a new pair of glasses I'm

0:14 sure you like everyone else is

0:16 overwhelmed by all the selection when

0:18 you walk into any store that has eye

0:20 glasses frames what color do you choose

0:22 well I have the perfect tip you're going

0:25 to be using colors that are naturally

0:27 found in your own coloring hence your

0:30 skin tone and your eye color our model

0:33 Debbie here has warm skin tone so she's

0:35 going to have to choose warm glasses so

0:38 they're in harmony with her skin tone

0:39 and also she can choose coloring based

0:42 off her hair color and her eye color her

0:44 eye color has gold flecks in it and it

0:47 also has slight blues lady color and

0:49 then also her hair color has different

0:52 caramels and browns and blondes so

0:54 that's the key to remember so when you

0:56 go to choose an eyeglasses color she can

0:58 choose a color that has any of these

1:01 tones in it now if she's going to want

1:03 to wear a statement color glasses they

1:05 have to be a little bit lighter in value

1:07 because her overall coloring is lighter

1:09 you don't want to choose very heavy

1:11 frames when your blonde hair blue eyes

1:13 and lighter skin you don't want the

1:16 glasses to be wearing you however you

1:17 want to make a statement so in her

1:19 statement glasses we chose a burgundy

1:21 that's going to look amazing and when

1:23 she walks in she's definitely going to

1:25 be noticed I hope this information was

1:27 helpful and when you go to choose your

1:28 eyeglasses frames you consider the tips

1:30 of remember your color harmony

1:35 you