How to Sew Knit Fabrics on a Sewing Machine


0:05 honey and I'm here today to show you how

0:08 to sew knitted fabric I'm sure some of

0:12 you out there wondering what's the

0:14 difference about sewing a woven to knit

0:16 there isn't any here I have is some nice

0:19 red knitted jersey it's stretchy it's a

0:23 knit fabric you saw it exactly the same

0:26 as you would have woven I would only

0:29 suggest one thing different on a knitted

0:32 fabric compared to a woven fabric make

0:35 the stitch just slightly larger I would

0:38 suggest a number 4 on your home sewing

0:40 machine and there you have it how to sew

0:57 knit fabric