How to Remove White, Pimple-Like Spots on the Face


0:05 hi guys this is Chelsea Baker

0:07 professional cosmetologist at five years

0:09 today I'm gonna show you how to remove

0:11 white pimple like spots on the face

0:13 let's get started

0:14 so for removing white pimple like spots

0:17 on the face it's very simple I'm going

0:19 to take a light concealer and just dot

0:21 it right on the area in just a tiny

0:25 little circle just dab it lightly with

0:29 my finger to blend and then finish it

0:33 off with a light soft powder and you'll

0:38 just watch it disappear

0:40 and there you go and that's how you

0:43 remove white pimple like spots on the

0:45 face if you have any more Beauty

0:47 questions feel free to ask see you next

0:49 time