How to Remove Milia Under Eyes


0:05 and today's topic is how to remove Malia

0:08 from the eye area Malia is caused by

0:11 genetics dryness and products that we're

0:13 using that could be irritating us around

0:15 the eye area today I'm going to show you

0:17 a very simple step-by-step professional

0:20 way of removing the Malia

0:22 you're gonna first visit an either a

0:24 licensed aesthetician or a dermatologist

0:26 what you'll do is you're gonna lay down

0:28 in the bed

0:29 they will then take a Lancet though

0:31 gently poke the area where the Milley is

0:33 located

0:34 they will then take the comedone

0:35 extractor gently push on that area

0:38 wiggle it around and that will remove

0:40 the white head or Millia

0:42 make sure when doing this that you're

0:45 always seeing a licensed professional

0:46 and a few other options or used products

0:49 that contain retinol and salicylic to

0:52 remove the oils around the eye area