How to Remove Color From a Human Hair Wig

Wig manufacturers often use human hair for their wigs because real hair can endure coloring and styling better than fake, synthetic hair. However, sometimes a wig color can look too intense. While it may be impossible to remove all the hair color, you can lighten a wig colored with semi-permanent dye with a few tricks. Before wearing the wig, make sure all excess dye has been rinsed way to avoid staining your skin or clothing.

Rinse excess color by holding the wig under cool, running water. Hold the wig in the direction of the flow of water, so the water flows down the strands from roots to tips, for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Place the wig in a sink or plastic tub of cool water. Add about a teaspoon of wig shampoo -- not regular shampoo -- to the water.

Allow the wig to sit in the soapy water before rinsing it clean. Some of the semi-permanent color will wash away. Dry the hair as you normally would. You may have to wash and rinse the hair several times to remove the color.