How to Remove an Acne Cyst


0:00 hello my name is Courtney Gomez I have

0:03 been a makeup artist and a skincare

0:05 specialist for upwards of five years and

0:07 today in this video we will be

0:09 discussing how to remove an acne cyst

0:11 I'm going to need a q-tip tea tree oil

0:15 and a glass of water that you can dilute

0:19 the tea tree oil into from there you can

0:21 use a spot treatment either a salicylic

0:24 acid um I actually suggest salicylic

0:27 acid over a benzoyl peroxide I find that

0:29 to be a little too drying so as I was

0:33 saying you're going to want to cleanse

0:35 tone treat and moisturize when dealing

0:38 with an acne fist acne cysts are deep

0:41 into the skin and you don't really see

0:43 them but you could feel them and they do

0:44 hurt so although you'll be tempted to

0:47 you're not going to want to get in there

0:49 and push it out that is only going to

0:52 create a skin breakage which is going to

0:54 scar which is going to scab and it's

0:57 going to be more noticeable and it's

0:59 going to actually add to the amount of

1:01 time that the acne cyst is there because

1:03 that's a deep irritation so every day

1:06 after you've cleansed some of the

1:08 suggestions i have for treating as i

1:09 said before is a salicylic acid 2% here

1:13 it's not very drying especially when

1:15 used with a moisturizer and although

1:17 you'll be tempted to not want to use a

1:19 moisturizer always use moisturizer

1:21 another more natural way is with tea

1:23 tree oil which works as an antiseptic or

1:26 antibacterial so I've diluted two or

1:30 three drops of tea tree oil into this

1:32 water mix it with a q-tip and then you

1:39 can apply that to the affected area

1:44 after you let that dry we'll just

1:47 pretend we let that dry is when you

1:49 would go on to the moisturizing you are

1:52 always going to want to use a toner as

1:54 well witch hazels what I always suggest

1:56 I don't want you to use anything to

1:58 drawing like mr. in gent and then you're

2:01 always going to want to end with a

2:03 moisturizer I know you'll feel tempted

2:05 not to because you think moisture oil

2:08 it's going to clog my pores more but

2:10 your body could be creating this oil

2:12 because of a lack of

2:13 moisture on the skin and don't forget do

2:15 not pick do not touch it the least

2:18 contact you can have it with it with

2:19 your hands the quicker it will be

2:21 resolved thank you for watching again my

2:24 name is Courtney Gomez and this video

2:26 discussed how to remove an acne cyst