How to Remain a Private Person in Society

Having privacy in today's society can be a little difficult. With an open society like the one we have, remaining private can be construed as being antisocial.

Consider your mental health. Remaining private in society is imperative to some people’s well being. If you can bypass situations that are detestable or loathsome, it would be easier to deal with stress. I am not advocating ignoring any given situation. Inherent in most people is the desire to be left alone and live their lives on their own terms while having to integrate with society. Additionally, the concept of remaining private in society does not mean that you clandestinely plot someone’s demise or any other derogatory schemes.

Address the stigma of the word "private." The word is oftentimes used as a metaphor to describe people who are secretive and antisocial, and thus more apt to commit some type of wrongful act. The word private means quiet or reserved. Nowhere in the dictionary does it espouse engaging in subversive activities. Being solitary has advantages and disadvantages.

Know that staying private in society is not an easy task. You still must go to school, work or some other activities that involve human contact. People are always going to ask you questions about your personal life, financial and otherwise. If you remain elusive and provide vague answers, then you are secluding yourself from society’s mainstream. Being isolated or sheltered within the confines of the social order is okay. Most private people either stay quiet during conversations or talk, but not about themselves, and that is the gist of being confidential in a free society.

Be prepared for some discomfort. The act of not talking much to coworkers or family members can cause unnecessary tension. People do not like dead air. Silence makes people uncomfortable. A quiet person does not need to say much, but what he does say is what matters. An individual who does not talk much can be labeled as boring. However, if they want to remain anonymous and avoid the petty infighting that occasionally happens at home or the workplace, then "talking less and saying more" fits within the description of being private in society. Take a step back before responding to a statement or question. Do the answers require giving away what you deem as private or privileged information, and therefore no one’s business? If so, then give them a vague answer or tell them it is none of their business.

Ask questions. If you are an incessant chatterbox and are still considered a private person, then you have managed to ask a plethora of questions that belie one fact. You have not talked about yourself. By asking questions pertaining to other people, then the ruse of not revealing anything about you was achieved. By readdressing questions and shifting the focus off yourself, you can remain true to yourself and continue to be private.