How to Prepare Mushrooms for Freezing

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Knowing how to freeze mushrooms so they taste fresh when thawed and look as good as when you purchased them is not as easy as simply putting them in a bag and storing them in your freezer. Taking the time to prepare your mushrooms will help you enjoy frozen mushrooms anytime, without feeling like you are eating over-ripe vegetables that have lost their flavor.

Choose mushrooms that are as fresh as possible. If you have picked your own mushrooms, be ready to freeze them within 12 hours of harvesting. Fresher mushrooms ensure better results.

Wipe the mushrooms with a clean damp paper towel. Do not wash the mushrooms with water.

Slice the larger mushrooms, but leave smaller ones whole.

Blanch the mushrooms by filling a large pot with water and bringing it to a boil. Immerse the prepared mushrooms for 5 minutes if whole, 3 minutes if sliced.

Drain the mushrooms and then transfer into ice-cold water. Leave the mushrooms in the water for 1 minute, then drain and dry them.

Allow mushrooms to cool at room temperature before putting into plastic containers made for freezing. Plastic bags are not thick enough to preserve the mushrooms well.

Add 1/4 teaspoon citric acid or 1/2 teaspoon of lemon juice per 8 ounces of mushrooms to keep them from turning dark.