How to Measure a Gram of Sugar

by Kimberly Caines

Using the correct amount of sugar when baking or cooking can make the difference between a tasty and a not-so-tasty concoction. Sugar attracts water and when baking cookies for instance, insufficient sugar can lead to crispy, crunchy cookies instead of soft, moist cookies. Measuring spoons are ideal to measure small amounts of dry ingredients when baking. Sometimes, recipes will use metric system measurements, so being able to convert ingredients from English to metric units is a useful skill when cooking and will guarantee the success of your recipe.

Scoop some granulated sugar into a 1/4 tsp. measuring spoon. One tsp. equals approximately 4 g sugar, so 1/4 tsp. equals about 1 g sugar.

Level the sugar. Run the back of a knife or side of a spatula over the edge of the measuring spoon to remove excess sugar. Use this same measuring method for powdered sugar, but sift the sugar beforehand to remove any clumps. Tightly pack brown sugar into the spoon before leveling it.

Use a kitchen cooking scale if you don't have a measuring spoon. Look for a scale that displays grams. Turn on the scale and add sugar until the display tells you that you've reached 1 g.

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