How to Make Stovetop Cabbage Rolls


0:05 for me today I'm gonna show you how to

0:08 make stovetop cabbage rolls cabbage

0:11 rolls are common in cuisines from

0:14 Eastern Europe to the Middle East and

0:17 they're often cooked in the oven in a

0:20 baking dish but you can also cook them

0:22 on the stovetop it's really easy and

0:24 it's pretty quick so here I have some

0:27 leaves some cabbage leaves so the outer

0:29 leaves of the cabbage I've peeled them

0:31 off and then I blanched them by just

0:33 plunging them in boiling water for about

0:37 30 seconds and I have a filling which

0:40 it's bulgur wheat and just some

0:43 seasonings I used onion and garlic and

0:47 lemon and mint and you can also use

0:50 ground beef seasoned ground beef so just

0:54 put a spoonful of that in there and wrap

0:57 it up like a burrito so you fold the

1:00 sides in and then the reroll the rest of

1:02 it down

1:14 and it really it's really just a heaping

1:16 tablespoon you want to put in there okay

1:21 so once you have a bunch of these

1:23 assembled you want to assemble them in a

1:27 pan get a nice saucepan here

1:41 and I'm just gonna pour some juice in

1:43 the pan this is some tomato juice and

1:45 I've diluted it about half and half with

1:49 some water and I'm going to put a plate

1:53 on top of these and what that's gonna do

1:56 is it's gonna press them down and it's

1:58 gonna bring the level of the juice up

2:01 they don't have to be completely

2:02 submerged but it's nice to just have the

2:06 juice coming up

2:08 you know maybe about half way then we're

2:10 going to cover them and I'm just gonna

2:11 cook them on the stovetop for about 20

2:16 minutes I just need to kind of steam

2:18 cook through the filling is already

2:20 cooked so you're just softening up the

2:22 cabbage roll in getting some of the

2:23 flavor of the tomato juice into them so

2:29 now it's been about 20 minutes take this

2:36 off I don't want to handle this directly

2:40 it's pretty hot and there you have

2:50 cabbage rolls cooked on the stovetop

3:00 you