How to Make Mild Shampoo Using Castile Liquid Soap

Traditional shampoo is strong, and full of harsh cleaners. For those with delicate hair or sensitive scalps, this can spell disaster. Castile soap is made from all natural vegetable oil ingredients, and can be heavily diluted with water, creating a shampoo that is both mild and cost-effective. You can customize this shampoo with a variety of herbs and oils based on your specific hair type, and experiment with formulations until you achieve your perfect match.

Prepare your water. You can use plain water for this recipe, or you can make an herbal infusion. To make an herbal infusion, bring 3 cups of water to a boil. Add 1/2 to 1 cup of flowers, herbs or leaves to the boiling water, as if you were making tea. Allow the herbs to steep for 20 to 30 minutes, then strain them off. See the Resources section for a list of herb for specific hair types.

Combine the ingredients. First pout the water or herbal infusion into the bottle. Your infusion needs to be cooled to room temperature or below to prevent warping your container and clouding the castile soap. You want to fill it two thirds of the way with water and one third of the way with liquid castile soap. Pouring the soap in last prevents suds from forming in the bottle.

Add moisturizers. Castile soap can dry out the hair and scalp. Adding 10 to 12 drops of jojoba oil, olive oil or essential oils can help replace some of the natural oils soaps remove from your hair.

Mix your ingredients by gently inverting the bottle a few times. Do not shake the bottle or you will create suds in the container.