How to Make Homemade Fruit & Vegetable Wash


0:04 hey everybody namaste how are you it's

0:09 Chelsea Silverman here i jus setaria and

0:12 we're going to go into something very

0:14 fairly simple and easy but it's great

0:16 when you get fresh produce in and it is

0:19 how to make your own fruit and vegetable

0:22 wash at home so you're going to take

0:26 equal amounts of water to apple cider

0:29 vinegar or lemon lemon juice or squeeze

0:33 your lemons fresh so here i have 8

0:35 ounces of filtered water and i'm going

0:39 to take my apple cider vinegar and we'll

0:41 pour in another 8 ounces yeah eight

0:45 ounces excuse me of apple cider vinegar

0:47 and then you can go ahead you'll mix it

0:52 up and you'll put it in a spray bottle

0:54 or whatever works best for you when

0:57 you're cleaning your vegetables you'll

0:58 spray it on it even smells so clean from

1:01 here and let it sit for a couple of 30

1:05 seconds to a minute and then wash it off

1:08 with filtered water you don't even have

1:10 to do that if you don't want to and you

1:12 can just enjoy your fruits and

1:14 vegetables so here is a great easy way

1:17 to make your own produce wash no

1:19 chemicals no additives straight-up pure

1:23 so enjoy

1:30 you