How to Make a Homemade Skin Tightening Gel for Under the Eyes


0:05 hi Irma Gina owner and chemist here Rd

0:08 alchemy natural products and in this

0:09 video I'm going to show you how to make

0:11 a homemade skin tightening gel for under

0:13 the eyes so what you're first going to

0:15 need is a pot or leftover either way of

0:19 strong coffee about just about a half a

0:22 tablespoon or a teaspoon full and then

0:25 also some green or black tea if you

0:27 don't have the loose leaf you can also

0:29 always just use a tea bag and then also

0:32 some witch hazel extract and aloe vera

0:34 gel it's a real simple formula so what

0:37 you're going to start off with is you're

0:38 going to take a quarter cup of your aloe

0:40 vera gel put it into your bowl the gel

0:45 is going to be moisturizing for the eye

0:47 area but it's also going to act as our

0:48 base and give us kind of a gel

0:50 consistency then you're going to put in

0:54 1 teaspoon of your witch hazel extract

0:57 now witch hazel extract is a really

1:00 great astringent herbal extract it's

1:02 known to help to tighten tissues and

1:05 shrink them down then you also are going

1:10 to add one teaspoon of black or green

1:13 tea now if you have black black teas

1:15 better only because it's going to be

1:17 stronger in its tannin content then also

1:20 its caffeine content and these tannins

1:22 and caffeine is what's going to also

1:24 help to constrict the area and then

1:27 reduce your your puffiness in your eye

1:29 area and help tighten that area even

1:31 further next you're going to just do 1

1:33 teaspoon also of your strong coffee and

1:36 this also has a caffeine in there but

1:38 then also has those tannins those real

1:41 tightening type of compounds found

1:44 naturally in those products and then

1:47 you're just going to mix it up and what

1:49 you're going to have is there a thin

1:50 type of gel now you can either leave it

1:53 into this container and put it with some

1:55 clear plastic wrap or aluminum foil keep

1:58 it in the refrigerator for about 1 to 2

2:00 weeks or if you want you can always

2:02 transfer it into a little jar container

2:04 and keep that in the refrigerator so

2:06 when you're done making your mixture you

2:08 can use a q-tip to apply it gently under

2:10 the eyes and remember you can keep it

2:11 cool in the fridge and with this one

2:13 it's going to help reduce a lot of the

2:15 puffiness and tighten and firm the area

2:18 and that's how you make a homemade skin

2:20 tightening gel for under the eyes

2:26 you