How to Get the Best Results for Home False Eyelashes


0:05 hi this is Christina Farrell from the

0:08 makeup blogger com and today's question

0:10 is how to get the best results form home

0:13 false eyelashes actually it's very easy

0:17 and I'll show you the three tools and

0:19 the steps you need to be able to do it

0:21 yourself at home first off you need your

0:23 false eyelashes as you can see I've

0:26 already taken the step to pull them off

0:28 and lay them out the next step you'll

0:34 need is a dark eyelash glue the third a

0:39 tiny set of scissors now this is my

0:44 trick that I think will help you find

0:46 the easiest way to use false eyelashes

0:48 at home simply take the strip and cut it

0:56 in half

1:03 do this for both of the strips

1:20 now you have a much easier way to apply

1:23 the lashes in steps instead of fumbling

1:26 around with an entire strip on your eye

1:29 next you want to place the glue right

1:32 here on the eye lash band simply use a

1:37 fine thin line of glue right at the base

1:42 next start using the strips in pieces

1:46 two for each eye with the tweezers

1:50 simply place the lash in the glue only a

1:54 tiny amount is needed then work from the

1:58 outside of the eye placing the first

2:01 last strip near the outside of the eye

2:04 once that is dried you take your second

2:07 strip dip it in the glue and place it

2:10 near the corner by breaking down the

2:16 lashes and doing them in two parts

2:18 you're making it easier for you to have

2:21 control and let them dry and make sure

2:24 they're in the correct position a lot of

2:27 the times half of the reason putting on

2:29 lashes is so hard is because you're

2:31 fumbling with an entire strip some parts

2:34 dry quicker than others and some parts

2:36 are harder to get control over by

2:39 cutting them in half you're taking the

2:41 control back and making it such an easy

2:43 process I hope this question helps I am

2:46 Christina Farrell from the makeup

2:48 blogger com and thank you so much for

2:51 watching

2:54 you

2:57 you