How to Get Stains Off Timberland Boots

Timberland is a company that produces outdoor wear. The name “Timberland” is usually associated with the boots made by the company. As with any boots, your Timberlands can get stained by dirt, mud and other elements. It's important to use care when attempting to remove any stains from your timberland boots; otherwise, you could ruin the integrity of the fabric or even change the color of the stained part of the boot.

Begin by making sure your Timberland boots are completely dry before you attempt to remove the stains. Otherwise, you may actually make the stain worse or accidentally change the color of the area you clean.

Purchase the right cleaning materials for your Timberland boots. Timberland sells both boot cleaners (that come with an applicator) and brushes that are made specifically for cleaning Timberland boots. The exact cleaner you buy will be dependent on the color of your Timberland boots. To learn which cleaning product you should buy, visit a store that sells Timberland products, search through the different cleaners on the website or call Timberland customer service at (888) 802-9947.

Remove any dirt or mud that has hardened on the boots. To do this, beat the boots together to dislodge the dirt and mud. You can then use the brush that you purchased to wipe the dirt off of the Timberland boots.

Place about a penny-sized amount of cleaner on the applicator that came with the product.

Rub the applicator over the stained part of the Timberland boots. You can use a good amount of pressure when doing this as you're trying to remove a stain. Use a circular motion when rubbing the boots to fully work the cleaner into the boots.

Wipe the area you just cleaned with a dishcloth or similar towel. Make sure the cloth is clean and dry before you use it on the boots.