How to Get Rid of Calcium Deposits Under Eyes


0:00 hi i'm dr. rafael Darvish with skin

0:02 packable dermatology and Cosmetic Laser

0:04 Center here in Los Angeles California

0:05 and today I'm going to be speaking with

0:07 you about how to get rid of calcium

0:09 deposits under eyes so today I'm joined

0:12 by my patient Jaime and she has a small

0:14 calcium deposit right here it's those

0:16 little firm white dots bumps around the

0:20 eyes and so step one in this procedure

0:23 is going to be give Jaime some stress

0:25 balls so if she has some pain she can

0:27 squeeze step two I'm going to put my

0:29 gloves on step three is going to be to

0:36 sterilize the area I'm using alcohol

0:38 today and I have an alcohol prep so

0:41 let's tear that and Jimmy could put your

0:44 head back in alcohol this area just very

0:47 very lightly good now we have the option

0:53 of using anesthesia namely some

0:55 lidocaine 1% solution underneath this

1:00 first but the poke of the needle for the

1:04 anesthesia

1:04 is probably worse than the poke of the

1:07 needle that I'm going to use to extract

1:09 this particular calcium deposit so we're

1:11 not going to do numbing using a 1%

1:16 lidocaine solution we're going to forego

1:17 that and go ahead and open up our 26

1:20 gauge 1/2 inch needle here and we like

1:25 the 1/2 inch as opposed to a full inch

1:27 because just offers a little better

1:28 control so we have Jamie's head against

1:32 something firm and we'll go ahead and

1:34 spread open the skin here like that and

1:36 go ahead and poke it it is a little

1:39 uncomfortable we're really not too bad

1:41 and we just kind of tear off that top

1:43 skin there and Jamie how bad is your

1:47 pain right now not too bad here we go

1:56 this kind of target that skin not really

1:59 going too deep and so I think we got a

2:03 good piercing there of it so when I had

2:08 to put my needle back into an area where

2:09 it's safe now I'm going now I'm going to

2:12 opened up my sterile comedone extractor

2:15 I have some gauze in hand and I will go

2:19 ahead and put some pressure on this

2:21 lesion here and kind of slowly rock it

2:24 back and forth Jamie is feeling a little

2:27 bit of pressure there's slight amount of

2:29 bleeding but really not very much at all

2:33 all right let's have it with some gauze

2:40 okay so this thing's not completely out

2:43 yet we're going to just touch it again

2:45 with the with the needle

2:58 sometimes they be can be stubborn but

3:01 you can see it's just a firm white dot

3:04 in there and when it comes out it really

3:07 just slides out okay Jamie how you doing

3:10 okay and then here we go just put some

3:17 pressure on it so the white part comes

3:20 out and there you go it's lit out real

3:22 nice you can see it right there

3:33 just make sure everything's out I just

3:35 put a little more pressure but really

3:37 that's done okay so we'll go ahead and

3:40 hold some pressure on here just for a

3:41 little bit from thirty to sixty seconds

3:44 and this lesion will be gone for good

3:46 I'm dr. Rafael Darvish and that's a

3:48 brief overview of how to remove calcium

3:50 deposits under the eye