How to Get Lint Out of Your Nails

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Finger and toenails are ideal places for bacteria and debris such as dirt or lint to hide. Because they come in contact with so many object throughout the day, it’s important to practice good hygiene and to keep them as maintained as possible. Everyone should develop a regimen so as not to pass unnecessary amounts of bacteria to others through food and personal contact. Getting lint out from under nails can be a difficult task, as the particles may be small and hard to identify.

Run a sink full of water and let your hands soak in the soapy water for a minute or two to release the hold of the lint. If the lint is under your toenails, run a bath and let your feet soak in the water for several minutes.

Wash your nails thoroughly. Often lint and dirt will come out from under your nails with a proper washing. Make it a point to use your fingers to get soap under the nails, and use a nail brush to reach dirt and lint stuck under the nail. Rinse thoroughly to rinse the soap and debris away.

Trim your nails. The length of your nails could be holding the lint or making it more likely that you are picking lint up under your nails. Use the tool attached to the clippers that contains the pointed end. Use this tool to drag and excess lint from underneath your nails. Be gentle, as the file is sharp and may cause your finger to bleed if you use it too harshly. File you nails afterward so there are no jagged edges. Jagged edges can cause lint and other particles to become attached to your nail.

Visit a professional and get a manicure. Manicurists will be able to remove dirt, lint and any other debris out from under your nails. They can also teach you about proper nail care so that you can avoid similar situations in the future. After the lint is removed, they will also trim, buff, and polish your nails which will help them to maintain their health and aesthetics. Avoid getting fake nails if you are worried about getting lint trapped underneath them in the future, as fake nails are likely to be longer and may pose problems similar to natural longer nails when it comes to picking up debris, such as lint.