How to Fix Holes in Cashmere Cardigans


0:04 hey I'm Lauren Messiah and I'm a fashion

0:07 stylist today I'm going to show you how

0:09 to fix a hole in your cashmere cardigan

0:12 or sweater so there's nothing worse than

0:15 finding that you have a hole in your

0:18 favorite cashmere sweater so I'm going

0:20 to show you how to fix it at home so the

0:23 first thing that you need to do is get

0:26 your sweater and identify the hole a

0:28 great way of doing it is to lay a sheet

0:30 of paper underneath that's in a

0:33 different color

0:33 so for demonstration purposes I've put a

0:37 white shirt underneath my sweater so I

0:39 can see right where the hole is so next

0:43 you're going to want to turn the sweater

0:45 inside out so it's helpful again to have

0:48 that sheet of paper underneath or your

0:51 hand so you can see the hole when you're

0:54 getting the thread for your cardigan you

0:55 want to make sure that it's the exact

0:57 same color so it's a good idea to take

0:59 your sweater with you to the fabric

1:01 store so you can match up the thread

1:03 lucky for me my sweater is black so I

1:06 just had to get black thread then you're

1:09 going to want to take your needle and

1:10 thread and just gently so the hole

1:15 closed you don't want to pull too tight

1:17 or else the material will start to

1:20 pucker so just really loose loose sewing

1:25 will do the trick so just continue on

1:28 until the hole is sealed and then you

1:35 just want to tie off your thread so as

1:38 soon as you're finished sewing your hole

1:39 closed just turn the sweater right-side

1:41 out and as you can see the hole is

1:44 completely covered now if your sweater

1:46 had a bigger hole and no amount of

1:48 thread was going to fix it

1:50 you could also add an applique or a

1:51 patch that usually works best if your

1:54 hole is to either side of a garment or

1:57 up top if you had a hole right in the

2:00 middle an applique probably isn't going

2:02 to save you it can be done but I don't

2:04 generally recommend it so that's how you

2:07 fix a hole in your cashmere cardigan or

2:09 sweater for more fashion tips

2:12 my website ww-where messiah calm

2:21 you