How to Fix a Bad Haircut on a Guy

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Allowing the hair to grow out is one method of dealing with a bad haircut. The other is fixing it. You might think to just go with a new, shorter haircut, but all that may be necessary is trimming one side to the same length as the other to even it out. But when the hair is uneven all over and does not fall correctly, you have to start from scratch.

Uneven Cut

Place a towel over the shoulders. Drape a hair cape over his body. Comb his hair to determine how to fix the cut. Examine the hair for cowlicks.

Discuss the options with the client. Ask if he wants to go bald or how short you can go. Find out what size guard to use by determining the length of the cut.

Plug in the clippers. Place the proper-sized guard on the clipper. Start at the nape of the neck and work your way up. Do the whole head.

Pull out the smaller clippers to remove neck hair. Brush the hair off the neck and face. Remove the cape.

Uneven on One Side

Pull the hair out at the the crown on the left side and place it on your comb. Measure the length of the hair. Continue the process down the left side of the head.

Find the difference in the length for both sides. Measure the length of the right side.

Comb a half-inch section of hair from the long side. Cut the section to the same length as the shorter side.

Pick up the next half-inch section and repeat process. Continue this procedure until all hair on long side is cut.

Measure both sections again. Confirm the lengths are the same. Clean up the neck.

Short Top Long Side

Comb a half-inch section of hair on top. Pull it straight up into the air. This acts as your base measurement.

Pull the next half-inch section of hair up to base measurement. Cut the new section to the same length. Drop the first cut section down and use the newly cut section as the guide. Each newly cut section becomes the base for the next section to be cut.

Pull the hair straight out as you cut it. Follow the shape of the head as the angle will change. For the top, the hair will point to the ceiling of a room, for the sides of your head, the hair will point to the walls.

Continue cutting the hair in half-inch sections until all areas are cut. Place the hair on the comb to measure the sections. Start at the crown and work down the side to find any uneven pieces. Cut the uneven pieces, if any.

Comb through the hair. Clean up the neck.