How to Find Tattoo Ideas

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Whether you're covered head-to-toe in ink or you're on the lookout for your first tattoo, you'll need to know how to find tattoo ideas. Tattoos are now so pervasive in society that it's not very difficult to find some good ideas. You can visit tattoo conventions and tattoo parlors, read tattoo magazines and take inspiration from meaningful elements in your life.

Brainstorm appealing images. Consider things that are meaningful to you or art styles that you like. For example, if you are into gardening and manga comics, you could get a tattoo featuring a flower drawn in a manga style.

Visit tattoo conventions. Talk to artists and vendors. Look at all the different kinds of tattoos that people have.

Read tattoo lifestyle magazines like "Tattoo" or "Inked." These magazines feature full-color pictures of a variety of different tattoo ideas and articles featuring different styles and suggestions.

Visit tattoo parlors. Look at the tattoo flash on the walls and in albums. Talk to the artists and ask for suggestions.

Go to a tattoo database like Tattoo Finder ( or Tattoodles ( Browse through the images or enter some words of interest into the search bar.

Talk to people you know who have tattoos. Ask where they got their tattoos and what inspired them to get their designs.