How to Cover Bleach Stains on Clothes


0:01 I'm at Deluxe a local resale clothing store where we also have local designers fashions

0:07 and where we also do redesign and alterations. And right now I'm going to show you how to

0:13 cover some bleach spots with permanent markers. So black is usually the easiest on black.

0:23 I know there's many different shades of black so what you want to do is put less on rather

0:29 than more. And I'm just going to show you, say this is a meandering, from the design,

0:35 bleach spot, so what I'm going to do is put it on my finger and just barely touch the

0:41 surface with my black marker. And then if it blends in at first that's fine. Just don't

0:46 put too much on because then it would make the spot darker. So I'm using kind of the

0:50 edge of that marker. And I've got it where I want it. That is, it's a little darker so

0:59 let me go for this other one down here where we're just going to barely, barely cover.

1:07 I'm using the edges of my marker to kind of blend it in by layers so I can get it just

1:13 where I want it. And I think I'm going to leave that one like that. It's a little lighter

1:18 but it blends in very nicely. Now this other one. Permanent markers come in different colors

1:26 now too, so this is an experimental one. I bleached this spot out of this green piece

1:32 of fabric and obviously you can't get all different colors of green markers so this

1:36 totally experimental. It may or may not work. So this is new for me, too, but what I'm going

1:40 to try to do is use the long edge of this rather than the tip. And I'm going to try

1:46 to feather this a little bit. You want less rather than more. And you just start out real

1:52 lightly. Just barely touching it and feathering it kind of out from the bleach spot. You can

1:58 do it in both directions to kind of get it to go blend in to the color that's already

2:04 there. I'm not going to do this real dark because it'll have a totally different color

2:08 green but I just wanted to blend that white part in a little bit. And you can just feather

2:14 it in as much or as little as you want. And, again, there's all different colors of permanent

2:22 markers for all different fabrics. What it'll do is take out that white blaring spot. So

2:28 even if you don't get it totally blended to the exact color you're taking out the glaring

2:34 white of the bleach spot. And I think I'm just going to leave it right there to show

2:41 you kind of how to blend in so it's a little more disguised. Because it is experimental.

2:51 And that's how we take care of fixing bleach spots in fabrics.