How to Cook Sea Scallops


0:01 Hi! We are going to show you how to make some sea scallops today. I've got some U10 size

0:07 sea scallops that are beautiful actually and these are crusty scallops; there's big difference.

0:12 The previously frozen scallops tend to be very rough once they are cooked. These are

0:17 fresh and the U10 meaning there are about 10 of them to a pound. So I've got a non-stick

0:24 Teflon saute pan here and I got almost medium high heat and I got some clarified butter

0:28 in it. What we are going to do is this is just a real gentle seafood protein so we just

0:35 want to use a real quick cooking process on it. I've got some fresh chopped garlic here

0:40 and I am going to throw that in my clarified butter first and just have to get a nice good

0:47 sweat and get some aromas to come out of that first. As soon as that happens, I am actually

0:54 going to throw in an herb mixture here and I've got some dill, some thyme and some basil

1:06 and I want that to blend immediately as well which is what is doing and immediately upon

1:12 doing that, we will throw those scallops in. So I want everything cooked together and quickly

1:18 and I want to keep everything moving so I am going to go ahead and raise this heat a

1:22 little bit. What is going to happen is that as these guys start turning the colors we

1:28 want them to, we will flip these around. I don't want my garlic to get too incredibly

1:32 brown because by the time that the garlic does get to that golden color, the scallops

1:37 will be finished at that point. We are going to come back here in just a minute and I am

1:42 going to show you how to deglaze this pan because I am going to have some residual butter

1:45 left still and what I have is a Vinho Verde. It's a wine from Portugal, white wine that

1:52 has a very low acidity and it does really well with seafood so I have a dab of that

1:57 that I am going to pour in here to deglaze with and I'll come right back and finish these

2:02 off.