How to Cook Scallops & Tomatoes


0:06 hi chef Tim Sousa here from poor

0:08 judgment bar & grill newport rhode

0:10 island I've been cooking in Newport for

0:12 over 10 years and today we're going to

0:13 make pan-seared scallops with tomatoes

0:18 so first off let's start with the

0:20 ingredients we've got some beautiful sea

0:22 scallops that we're going to pan sear

0:23 little salt and pepper nice hot skillet

0:25 touch of oil about two to three minutes

0:28 on each side you'll have a nice seared

0:30 scallop about medium rare that's what

0:32 you're looking for now with tomatoes

0:34 we're going to do a little sauté of

0:36 grape tomatoes garlic shallots and

0:40 butter so I've got all the ingredients

0:42 right here you can see I've got my

0:44 garlic and shallots diced up I've got my

0:47 grape tomatoes halves right there for

0:48 you we're going to fold in a little bit

0:50 of fresh basil at the end right there

0:52 and just a little bit of butter for some

0:54 richness so I've gone ahead and prepared

0:57 everything off all ahead of time we've

0:59 got our tomato butter sauce right there

1:02 I want to go ahead now and fold in the

1:04 basal just just so it doesn't will do

1:06 you want that nice crisp clean flavor of

1:08 the basil right at the end adds a nice

1:11 green color so we're going to plate this

1:12 in this little elegant bowl I'm going to

1:15 take our tomatoes in the basal swirl it

1:17 around make sure it's nice and that's

1:19 going to go right down in the middle

1:21 makes a great sauce for dipping in the

1:24 scallops now that we have that in the

1:28 bowl we're going to go ahead and take

1:31 our beautiful seared scallops you can

1:33 see we've got three succulent scallops

1:34 right there please those right in stack

1:37 them however you want and just for

1:40 garnish save a nice piece of the basil

1:44 top this is a great summer dish to cook

1:46 and voila you have this beautiful seared

1:49 scallops with some nights grape tomatoes

1:51 and basil

2:04 you