How to Convert a Weber Grill to an Electric Smoker

For any grill and barbecue enthusiast, an electric smoker is a must. With a smoker, you can smoke turkey or chicken, cure bacon and smoke ribs for a backyard barbecue that will make you the envy of your neighbors. If you're cramped for space or short on cash, convert your Weber grill into an electric smoker with a few household supplies.

Soak the wood chips in water for at least one hour before smoking. While they soak, convert the Weber to a smoker.

Remove the grill rack from your Weber. Place a cake pan underneath the grill rack, where you might normally pile charcoal. This will catch the drippings from your food, making cleanup easier. Replace the grill rack.

Place an electric hot plate on one side of the grill rack, feeding the extension cord out and down to the floor. Plug the end of the hot plate into an extension cord. Turn the hot plate on low.

Fill a second cake pan with the soaked wood chips. Set the cake pan on the hot plate.

Place your food on the Weber grill rack, directly opposite the hot plate and the wood chips.

Place the top of the Weber grill back on. Insert a metal dial thermometer into the air vent, then shut the air vent the rest of the way. The ideal temperature for hot-smoking food is 220 degrees Fahrenheit; the thermometer allows you to monitor the temperature while you're cooking.

Plug in your extension cord and wait. Check the smoker after two hours and add more wood chips if necessary.