How to Color Gum Paste


0:01 In this clip we're going to be coloring our gum paste. And, under this cup, as we said,

0:06 we are only going to take out the piece of gum paste that we are going to be working

0:09 with. So, I'm going to take a piece off... I always have my shortening near by.

0:25 And I put a little shortening and knead into it. We need to get this nice and soft. It

0:31 works best at room temperature. So the heat of your hands, giving it a little bit of kneading,

0:41 and it's ready for coloring. Now before we start with either the paste or the gel colors

0:49 that we talked about earlier, I always work with these vinyl gloves. You can get them

0:56 at drug stores or even your discount stores in the health and beauty department, and they're

1:08 just helpful. They just keep the coloring you don't want all over your hands. So, I

1:13 always use that and I always liberally apply some shortening. Get this nice and warmed

1:25 up. Now I prefer the gel over the paste, but if you were to use the paste you would use

1:33 just a toothpick, and always, always start small and you can always add more. But if

1:40 you go too dark you could just add more white gum paste into it and keep kneading until

1:47 you get your desired shade. So we're going to start, and I think for this size I'm going

1:58 to give it two dots. It's just to your liking. Like I said, start light, and you just knead

2:08 it in, and you keep going until there's no more color on your gloves. You can see right

2:14 now I've got plenty of color on my gloves. Keep kneading it until all the marbling goes

2:31 away. And I'm liking the way this is turning out. If I would have thought this was not

2:51 dark enough, I would just keep adding another little dot of color and kneading it in again.

2:57 And if I would have thought it was too dark, I would just add some more white gum paste

3:02 and knead it in. And it's definitely ok; it's like art, to mix the right colors to get the

3:12 right shade, the shade that you like. And I don't see any more marbling. Sometimes I

3:20 pull it apart to make sure I don't see anything, and it looks nice and smooth and I'm happy

3:25 with that. And that is how you color gum paste.