How to Clean a Bluegill

Bluegills are a freshwater fish that can be found in all three countries in North America. Their abundance makes them a great fish to transplant for anglers. The best way to catch bluegills are by fishing at dawn or dusk, and using live bait such crickets, flies, raw chicken, or other live bait. The fun part is usually over once the fish is caught, which leaves the cleaning and cooking. Knowing how to easily clean a bluegill leaves more time for cooking your meal exactly how you want it.

Start by scaling the fish. This can be accomplished by either a fish scaler or spoon. While holding the fish's tail in place, use the spoon or scaler to remove all scales. You must run the scaler or spoon from tail to head in order to get the scales off. The fish's skin should be smooth when all scales are gone.

Cut the fish's head off. Accomplish this by sliding the blade of the knife under the dark part at the back of the fish's gills. Cut through at this point.

Take the knife and press it into the bottom of the fish. Run the blade up to where the head was until the two sides separate. Remove all organs.

Cut off the tail of the fish. If you want, you can cut around the other fins as well and use a pair of pliers to pull off the fins.

Enjoy cooking your fish using your favorite method.