How to Celebrate Fat Tuesday

How to Celebrate Fat Tuesday. Fat Tuesday is the day before Ash Wednesday, a Catholic holy day. It precedes the 40 days of Lent. Lent is a time for reflection leading up to Easter Sunday. In New Orleans, people celebrate Fat Tuesday with masquerade balls, parades and fun in the French quarter. Here are some ways you can have fun celebrating Fat Tuesday.

Celebrate Fat Tuesday by attending one of the lavish parades. Watch the extravagant floats pass by and try to catch some beads. "Let the good times roll" or in French, "Laissez les bon temps rouler!"

Attend a masquerade ball or throw one of your own. Wear decorated costumes, and don't forget to bring your Mardi Gras mask. Decorate in a festival theme if you are throwing your own party.

Delight in some Cajun cuisine or New Orleans treats. Have some traditional Cajun dishes such as gumbo, crawfish and jambalaya. Try a packzi, a rich donut or a King cake for a sweet treat.

Listen to a blues or jazz band. In New Orleans, you can find a band on practically every street corner. You can also visit local bars to catch some great live music with a New Orleans flair. This is a great way to celebrate Fat Tuesday.

Make your own Mardi Gras costumes to celebrate Fat Tuesday. Decorate a Mardi Gras mask with feathers, glitter and beads. Make a jester hat out of colorful felt with bells attached. Head out to a Fat Tuesday party in your new costume.

Dance on the street. You can find street dances in New Orleans, and dance to the sounds of a jazz band. Feel free and uninhibited as you dance with other party-goers in celebration of Fat Tuesday.