How to Buy Jade Jewelry

How to Buy Jade Jewelry. Jade has long been considered a good luck stone. It also symbolizes beauty, good fortune, grace and purity. In China, jade is called "yu," meaning "royal gem." It is important to know the different shades and grades to buy the best stone available. Learn the difference between the two types of jade, jadeite and nephrite, to purchase a stone worthy of royalty.

Ask if the stone is a jadeite or nephrite mineral. Jadeite is the more expensive form of Jade and although similar in resemblance and hardness, jadeite and nephrite differ in their colors and chemical compositions. Jadeite has a wider color range whereas nephrite is mainly shades of green and white, yellow and red. Jadeite is more rare than nephrite so it has more value.

Choose a stone with intense colors. Jade comes in many colors including various shades of green, lavender, yellow, red, white and even brown and black. Green, however, is the most popular color. The more expensive stones have a darker green hue.

Buy high-quality jade. Seek type A-grade jade. There are three grades of jade: A, B and C. Type-A jade is in its natural, untreated state. The color is considered natural because the stone hasn't undergone any artificial treatments.