How to Avoid Ruining a Manicure

A manicure can make your nails look quite stylish and beautiful. On a day-to-day basis, however, that manicure that you spent time and money on can start looking old and worn. You want nice nails and don’t want to skip getting them done because you’re afraid about ruining them. Fixing your manicure after you damage it just takes more time and energy. Consider doing some simple things to avoid ruining it in the first place.

Avoid picking at anything to remove it. If you are trying to pick at something with your nails, such as removing a label from a product, you can chip the front of your manicure. Whatever you’re trying to pick at, find something to use other than your nails.

Use rubber gloves when washing dishes, cleaning or gardening. If you’ve seen your nails after you’re done gardening, you know how dirty they get. Washing the dishes can make your manicure look worn and when you clean, the chemicals can actually stain or wear away at the polish. If you wear gloves, you prevent your manicure from getting chipped, worn and grimy.

Be conscious of when you handle a pen or marker. If you get some marker or ink on your manicure you may ruin it. While some of it may be able to be removed if you act quickly, there’s a chance that it might not all come off. Avoid putting your nails on or close to the paper that you are writing on.

Don’t apply self tanner without wearing gloves. If you’ve applied self tanner you probably noticed that sometimes the sides of your nails, the cuticles and underneath your nails were brown or orange. Don’t risk ruining your manicure by not wearing gloves when you’re applying self tanner.