How Much Do Tanning Beds Cost to Run?


Despite the health risks associated with sun damage, tanned skin is often associated with health and beauty. As a result, many people across the world long for a luminous, glowing tan. However, since sunny weather is not always an option, tanning beds have become increasingly popular. Just as the sun emits UV radiation that causes the skin to change colors, tanning beds rely on bulbs to produce artificial sunlight and transform pale skin into a golden tan. But how much does it cost to run a tanning bed?


The first indoor tanning bed was introduced in the early 1900s. Used to help treat diseases such as calcium deficiency, the machines helped the body produce vitamin D and absorb calcium. Tanning beds remained in use for health purposes until the early 1970s, when people began to desire golden, tanned skin.


Although tanning beds are most commonly found in spas, gyms and salons, many people now choose to purchase their own tanning bed for private use. Depending upon how often the tanning bed is used, owning your own personal tanning bed can actually be less expensive than paying to use one at a gym, spa or salon.


Because tanning beds are relatively large, they are best suited for individuals who have a fair amount of extra space. As a result, most people who live in apartments and other small residences may not have adequate space to properly store a tanning bed.


In addition to factoring in how often you will use a tanning bed, it is important to understand the upfront costs of purchasing one as well. On average, a standard indoor tanning bed will cost between $1500 and $3000, but depending on the specific model, can cost much more. Although most companies offer financing, because they are considered a luxury item, the interest rate can be rather high.


Although many people may think otherwise, a tanning bed requires little more electricity than your average kitchen appliance (usually 120 to 220 volts). In fact, when used by no more than one to two individuals (even on a daily basis), the cost of operating a tanning bed is quite minimal--usually between fifty cents to one dollar per use, a far less cost than the $6 to $12 typically charged by tanning salons. Therefore, individuals who tan regularly and who can afford the upfront costs of purchasing a tanning bed may benefit from owning their own personal tanning bed.