Homemade Chili Spice Blends

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Create your own chili spice blend instead of buying overpriced store-bought brands, and customize it to your liking. Make your homemade chili spice blend as spicy or sweet as you desire. Blend the spices ahead of time to save on precious preparation minutes when you make your chili. Additionally, you can use the blend on more than just chili: Use it as a savory rub on meat, such as chicken or pork. Sprinkle the spices on vegetables to give them a kick of flavor.


You don’t have to burn your tongue to enjoy a flavorful chili blend. Mix chili powder, salt, black pepper and parsley to create a simple blend with a mellow flavor that goes well with any kind of meat chili. Combine cumin, oregano, salt and black pepper for a smoky flavor that complements chicken chili. Blend chili powder, sweet paprika, salt, parsley, oregano and thyme for a herb-flavored chili blend for meat or vegetable chili.


A sweet chili can be just as savory and flavorful as a spicy chili blend. Combine sweet paprika, salt and white pepper for a sweet chili blend with a hint of bite that goes well with meat or vegetable chili. Blend sweet paprika, brown sugar, cumin, salt and parsley for a very sweet blend with a smoky flavor that for chicken. Mix ancho chili powder, granulated sugar, onion powder, garlic powder and salt for a classic blend with a sweet twist that complements pork.


Spicy chili spice blends offer just enough spice to wake you up. Combine ancho powder, red pepper, oregano, garlic and cumin for a smoky blend to add to beef chili. Mix chili powder, garlic powder, onion powder, oregano, hot paprika, cumin and thyme for a classic spicy blend that goes with any kind of chili. Blend red pepper, hot paprika, parsley, salt and cumin for a simple blend with a complex taste that enhances the flavor of meat. Mix chili powder, turmeric, coriander, onion powder, garlic and salt for a spicy blend with an exotic flavor that goes well with chicken.

Very Spicy

Combine different types of pepper to create an extra-spicy blend for your chili. Mix red pepper, black pepper, white pepper, chili powder and salt for a peppery blend with bite that enhances meat chili. Combine cayenne pepper, chili powder, chipotle pepper, onion powder, cilantro, salt and garlic for a hot blend with a southwest twist that goes well with vegetable chili. Blend cayenne pepper, jalapeno powder, hot paprika, cumin, garlic and salt for a fiery spice mixture that goes with meat or vegetable chili.

Blending and Storing

Blending chili spices is a simple task that comes down to personal taste. The ratio of one spice to another just depends on how much flavor you want the ingredient to provide. The higher the ratio of spice in the blend; the stronger the flavor that the spice provides. You can also mellow the flavors of the spices by adding some flour. As long as you use a small amount, the flour helps dilute the flavor of the spices without adding a pasty taste. However you blend it, store the spices in an airtight container to preserve the blend for future use. Put the spices in a dark, cool place to help them stay potent. Spices can lose their potency if left in the open air, exposed to moisture, heat or to bright sunlight.