How to have a successful relationship

Keys to a successful relationship is Communication, Cooperation, and Compromise, also realizing not only your own strengths and weakness but the other person.

Communication is the number one thing that can make or break a relationship. With good communication your able to voice your opinions and hear the response to know what is expected and what you expect in return. Communication is not only the ability to speak what you need, but to also be able to hear your significant other has to say.

Compromise, once your able to communicate what needs to be done or what you expect or even what your significant other expects then your able to have a slight understanding to come to an compromise. Compromise is not one sided however it can be since you have to give up something and so does the other. If you truly love someone then you have to understand that compromise is coming from you both and not just from one. Once your able to compromise then your ready for the next step which is..........

Cooperation! Cooperation comes at the end because first you might need to talk and address a situation, then you will have to compromise how to fix the issue. After that you will need to cooperate to put the plan into use. Once you cooperate the hard part is mostly over depending on how serious of an issue. Remember cooperation even if it takes only one person to accomplish still effects the both of you. Remember to love or to be love takes time and patience. You might always think you know someone but really you don't. I think of love like the weather always changing evolving but never exactly steady.