Good Place to Get a Tattoo & Hide It

Tara Novak/Demand Media

Nowadays, it seems like almost everyone is getting tattooed. According to, approximately 36 percent of "Gen Nexters" are sporting tattoos, and about 40 percent of those hailing from Generation X are doing the same. Many of these people make no effort to hide their tattoos, getting them all over their body in places where they're impossible to mask. What if you want a tattoo, but you don't want it showing at work? What if you need to hide it, like students in some western Kentucky high schools? Here are some easy places to get a tattoo and cover it up.

The Shoulder

Tara Novak/Demand Media

Shoulder tattoos are some of the easiest to hide. Unless you work in a field where sleeveless shirts are prevalent, you shouldn't have any problem hiding that sweet tribal tat if it's on your shoulder. Even with short sleeves, a shoulder tattoo (as long as it doesn't extend beyond the length of your sleeves) is a perfect place to get a tattoo and still be able to hide it.

The Back

Tara Novak/Demand Media

A tattoo on your back is easy to hide as well. As long as you wear a shirt in the workplace, no one's going to be able to complain--and you'll still be able to show it off on those weekend trips to the beach.

The Forearm (Be Forewarned)

Tara Novak/Demand Media

The forearm can be a tricky place for hiding tattoos. If you generally wear a long-sleeved shirt, you'll probably be OK, but be careful. A shift in your career path might mean wearing a short-sleeved shirt instead of a long-sleeved one, and then you won't be able to hide it. Always plan for the unexpected. You don't want to find yourself grasping for that elusive promotion only to have it slip away when someone notices that unwieldy tattoo on your arm.

The Thigh

Your thigh can also be a good place to hide a tattoo. Unless you plan on wearing a lot of short shorts, short skirts or the like, your thigh can be a great place to stash that little ink secret.

Foresight is Key

Tara Novak/Demand Media

Here's something to remember if you're planning on hiding a tattoo: Foresight is key. If you're worried about your tattoo affecting the way you're viewed in the workplace, socially or anywhere, maybe you don't really want it. If, even after careful consideration, you still want it, then consider the above options.