Gifts for a First Time Grandma

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The excitement of becoming a first-time grandma is often accompanied by a flurry of activities aimed at preparing the home for the new baby's visits. By the time a woman becomes a grandmother, she usually no longer has baby equipment in her home, such as high chairs, baby beds and other items for tending a baby. Her home is probably not child proof, either, the way it was when she was raising her own little ones.Help a first-time grandma celebrate the new addition to her family by giving her a fun and useful gift.

Baby Equipment

That adorable newborn will soon be rolling over, crawling and climbing on things. A gift of baby equipment can help a first-time grandma enjoy her new grandchild with minimal fear for the child's safety in her home. A portable playpen gives the baby a place to sleep without the danger of falling off a bed, and it can serve as a safe play area as she becomes more mobile. High chairs and room monitors are also welcome first-time grandma gifts.

Baby Care Items

A first-time grandma can also benefit from having sippy cups, baby spoons and unbreakable baby bowls in her house. When Grandma has her own baby care items, it makes spur-of-the-moment visits more achievable, reducing stress for both the new parents and the new grandma. Diapers, wipes and baby-changing pads are also useful, practical gifts.


First-time grandmas love to display photographs of their new grandchild. Picture frames, digital photo albums and scrapbooks are all welcome gifts. Baby keepsake kits include such items as non-toxic clay for making handprints and footprints and shadowbox-type frames to hold the prints and photographs. A memory book for Grandma to record her thoughts, feelings and the events surrounding the birth and first years of her grandchild's life can make a sweet keepsake. When her grandchild is older, Grandma can share the book with her grandchild, creating a bonding, relationship-building opportunity for them both.

Entertainment Gifts

Give the first-time grandma a package filled with practical and fun items for baby care. Developmental and entertainment items such as music CDs and DVDs can provide hours of fun as they help baby learn. Printed picture books and story books are handy for a grandma to tuck in her purse and take along to a visit with her grandchild. The first-time grandma may also enjoy having her own baby toys, like rattles, balls, stacking objects and small stuffed animals, to share with the visiting baby as they get to know one another.