Food List for Wild Rose D-Tox

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The goal of the Wild Rose D-tox is to remove processed and chemical-laden foods from your diet for a period of 12 days. This allows your body to strip the chemical buildup and intense cravings that often accompany processed and sugared foods. Dr. Terry Willard, creator of the Wild Rose D-tox, says you must eliminate old cells and their byproducts to build healthy new tissue.

Whole Grains

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The Wild Rose D-tox recommends you avoid flour and processed grains of all kinds. However, brown rice and whole oats are allowed and encouraged. Try buckwheat and millet as well. Remember that hot, cooked grains can be used as a base for meat, cheese and veggies.


Raw fish

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Fish should form the bulk of your protein-based foods. According to the Wild Rose College of Natural Cleansing, not only is fish chock-full of nutrients, it's a light food that is easy for the body to digest. Other meats should only comprise about 20 percent of your diet while following the Wild Rose D-tox. Since your goal is to rid your body of chemicals, you should ensure that all meat you eat while on the program is organic and chemical-free.



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Willard notes that you may have as many almonds as you wish, but other nuts -- except peanuts -- should be eaten in moderation. Nuts will provide flavor and texture to many other dishes while ensuring your diet maintains a proper fat and protein count. Avoid peanuts during the Wild Rose D-tox, as they have a thick, greasy oil that is difficult to digest.


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You may have any veggies except mushrooms while following the Wild Rose D-tox. The Wild Rose College of Natural Cleansing says that since mushrooms are a fungus, the spores upset the chemical balance in the body. Use a variety of other veggies to add flavor and color to your other dishes.


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There is a simple rule on the Wild Rose D-tox meal plan: The sweeter the fruit, the less of it you should have. Avoid bananas, citrus fruits, pineapples and grapes. Eat other fruits in moderation. Fruits make a wonderful addition to many meals to satisfy a sweet tooth and also add flavor to other cooked foods. Be creative and experiment.


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You should avoid any processed foods. This means no cakes, cookies, candy or ice cream. If it comes in a package, you should likely avoid it during the Wild Rose D-tox meal plan period. You also shouldn't eat dairy. Willard cites many people's sensitivity to a variety of dairy products in addition to the high fat content as reasons to avoid dairy products. Additionally, he notes that dairy products slow digestion and create a chemical chain reaction in the body that would be counter-productive to detoxing. Avoid cheeses, milk, yogurt and chocolate, even it's raw and organic.