Folding a Long Sleeve T-shirt


0:01 Alright, this is my long sleeve T with a little bit of lycra in it. Now you probably have

0:07 a little boy, or a man that has a muscle shirt that's really tight. They might be made just

0:15 like this. So you want to store it accordingly, nice and neat. So just start with a little

0:20 bit of shake out. And we can't take folding shirts too seriously.

0:30 But this is a fun one. Because you can get it nice and neat, shake it out, stretch it

0:38 out. And then I'm going to make this the tight T fold. That means it's going to take up the

0:44 least amount of space as any other shirts that you've seen me demonstrate today, because

0:48 it's a wrinkle free material. So I can get it nice and small and still open it up later

0:53 and it will be wrinkle free. See? Got a two for one special for you. So let's keep our

0:58 sleeves nice and straight. Let's start on that side, pull it across to the center. And

1:04 take the other sleeve, across to the center. And then you want to take the bottom, pull

1:10 it up to the top. I'm not smoothing this shirt out as much because it's that nice wrinkle

1:16 free material. So, we're going to bring the side back to the center. And this side to

1:22 the center. Now some of you might stop here, but this is a tiny, tight fold. So, we're

1:28 going to pull it one more time, over and that's it. You got it. It's done. That long sleeve

1:37 T is now gone.