Fantasy Hair & Make-Up Styles

Fantasy hair and make-up is more of an art than a mere style. Fantasy hair and make-up is not a new concept, but has been around since the days of ancient Egypt, Rome, and Greece. The exotic, elaborate hairstyles of the 16th through the 18th centuries (from Queen Elizabeth and later the French Court) were some of the best examples of fantasy hair and make-up. Fantasy hair and make-up became popular again in the 1970's, and by the 1980's were a regular part of hair styling competitions.

Fantastic Hair

Fantasy hair has become an attainable goal for anyone with the fabulous hair extensions and hair weaves available. The fantasy look is all about extending the hair up and out, to what seems to be impossible distances. Color and a combination of color can turn the hair into a canvas of sheer artistic creation. Chicken wire, styrofoam, and enough hair spray to stick an elephant in his tracks are all ingredients to torture the hair into extreme fashion.

There are no rules to fantasy hair, but in competition, the standards are the same as in any other competition--the creation must be appealing, attractive, and show personality. Experimentation is the only method to attain the perfect work of art!

Fantasy Make-up

Everything goes with fantasy make-up as long as it glitters, is unusual, is bold and striking, and is glamorous to the point of fantastic. Metallic make-up is a must for your collection. Do your eyes with bright, extreme colors instead of the normal muted shades. Metallic eyeliners, pearly, glittery blues, greens, neon pinks and dark smoky blacks and grays can turn your eyes into a dramatic statement. Layer your color up to the eyebrows and even from the outer edge of the eye to the hair line, then finish up with liner on top, bottom, or both parts of the eyelids.

Liners in black or blue tie the look together. The look can be finished off with extreme fake eyelashes--extra long sweeping ones or lashes that glitter and shine. You can use the make-up to create a mask effect; think Poison Ivy from Batman created from make-up alone. When applying your fantasy eye make-up, wetting your makeup brush before applying puts the color on deeper and richer.

Airbrush make-up has been a standard in Hollywood because of the effects you can achieve with the airbrush, and is perfect for creating near perfect fantasy make-up. Entire bodies can be airbrushed, turning ordinary individuals into brilliant, other-world characters. The make-up airbrush and products are available from companies like Dinair and Luminessair, and Sephora sells a Temptu system for a professional look at home (cost $225).

Having Fun

Fantasy hair and make-up may not be for everyone and is probably not the best choice to wear to the office, but it is a wonderful way to take a vacation from the mundane. Even if you never leave the private gallery of your own home, experimenting with the art of fantasy make-up and hair can be a fun, sometimes painful (depends on how extreme you get), unique experience. It is all about having fun and even letting your inner personality break free. Even if that personality looks like something straight out of Star Trek.