Dress Up Ideas for Spirit Week

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Contests, wild hair and fun activities are just some things that may come to mind when you think of Spirit Week at school. School Spirit Week can be a fun way to get kids motivated about coming to school. It can also be a useful way to teach kids about loyalty and citizenship, since participation is based on supporting their own school. Fun dress-up days may complement your Spirit Week activities.

Paparazzi Day

Make your students feel like real celebrities with a Paparazzi Day during Spirit Week. Ahead of time, encourage kids to write down the name of the celebrity they plan on dressing up as and you can collect these names in a box in a central location, such as the main office. Use that information to make some welcome signs so your celebrities are sure to get the royal treatment. Roll out a red carpet to the school entrance for that day and decorate it with some lights on a string. Only students who participate and dress like a celebrity may enter the building on the red carpet. Make poster board signs that say, "Welcome Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana)," for instance. Put up several signs all over school so the others will know who is visiting your school that day. If you have a yearbook staff, have those students be the paparazzi and spend a good bit of time getting great pictures of your celebrities throughout the day. (If you don't have a yearbook staff, just choose some students to fill this role.)

Down on the Farm

This Spirit Week idea is great during the fall, but it will work any time of year. Use several haystacks to decorate the entrance to your school building and add any farm-related items you may have (feel free to ask fellow staff members to donate their items), such as a butter churn, parts to an old water pump or a bucket used in a well. Kids will come to school dressed for work on the farm. Ideas might include overalls, plaid shirts, straw hats or cow bells worn around the neck. Encourage teachers to participate, and then each class can vote on the best-dressed for their room that day. If your school campus has a large grassy area, you could even offer to do hayrides for those who come dressed in their farming outfits. (See references 1)

Twins Day

Twins Day can be an enjoyable addition to your Spirit Week. Encourage students to dress as closely as possible to another student. If they have the same outfit as a friend, that'd be suitable. Otherwise, they can also make their own t-shirts to match using a plain white t-shirt and fabric paint, then fix their hair the same way and both can wear a basic pair of jeans. Teachers can pair up and choose twins, and parents may come in to be their child's twin if they want. Some of the kids from Henry County Schools chose to combine their Twin Day with a pajama-themed day. Both are good ideas for Spirit Week, but the two dress-up ideas can certainly work well together. (see references 2)