DIY DVD Slideshow for a Rehearsal Dinner


0:03 hi I'm Winston witness DJ vows and I'm

0:06 here on location in ocean palms beach

0:09 resort in Southern California today

0:11 we're going to discuss how to create

0:13 your own DVD slideshow for your

0:16 rehearsal dinner so first we're going to

0:18 want to categorize all of our photos

0:20 into one easy to find place for me

0:22 that's usually the desktop where I will

0:25 create a new folder and then put all of

0:26 my photos into it so once I've dragged

0:29 and dropped all of my photos into my

0:31 iPhoto workshop here I can hit this play

0:35 button which will pull up my slideshow

0:37 options from here I can select my

0:40 settings what speed I want the photos to

0:42 transition and the type of transition as

0:44 well as the music that I'm going to have

0:46 play then I simply have play and I can

0:51 watch my slideshow I'm also able to turn

0:55 it into a DVD simply by hitting burn to

0:58 DVD under export again I'm Winston

1:02 witness with DJ vows coming to you from

1:04 ocean palms beach resort in Southern

1:07 California we've just reviewed how to

1:09 create your own do-it-yourself DVD

1:12 slideshow for your rehearsal dinner