How to Deal With Type A Personality

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People with Type A personalities are considered aggressive, ambitious, perfectionists, and sometimes ruthless. In competitive professions such as politics and the media, you can come across many individuals with Type A personalities. Dealing with them can be difficult, because they are essentially programmed to dominate. But with a few skills, Type A personalities can be handled.

What To Do

Communicate well with a Type A personality. The aggressive and forthright nature of a Type A personality means that assume leadership roles easily in situations. If you feel that they are too dominant, it could mean that your needs or wants are overlooked. That is why you must go to pains to get across to him what you want from a situation, whether it's at work or in the more personal dimension of a relationship.

Do your research. Be prepared to play a Type A personality at their own game. You know that a Type A likes to be in control and likes to give orders. Get one step ahead so you know what they will ask ahead of time. If you're in a work situation, get to know the brief or a project inside-out, so that you can deal with anything they may throw at you, even in the most unreasonable circumstances.

Make suggestions to them to help the person relax. Type A personalities usually cannot relax and are at a higher risk of stress-related diseases, according to some psychologists. Buying them a coupon for a massage or suggesting a holiday could help a person with this type of personality relax more.