How to Deal With Mean Drunks

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Dealing with anyone who is intoxicated can, at times, feel aggravating or frustrating -- especially if the person is rude or mean to people around them. Regardless of whether you are dealing with a friend or a close family member, handling the emotional baggage of a mean drunk will eventually affect you and anyone else involved. Helping an alcoholic recover or face their addiction is challenging, yet entirely possible with enough patience, support and commitment from loved ones.

Step 1

Assess the current situation you are in and the relationship you have with the mean drunk or alcoholic. Understanding the alcoholic's behavior and reasons for acting out will help you when talking with them when sober and reasonable.

Step 2

Keep a list of the actions you witness while the alcoholic is drunk or having a fit. Many alcoholics often deny or dismiss claims of being mean or an alcoholic while drinking -- so keeping track of what is happening without just your words may help when confronting them.

Step 3

Dismiss rude words and behavior towards you when an alcoholic is being mean or aggressive. Remove yourself from any situation that presents danger or harm to you or those around you.

Step 4

Avoid giving in to fits by ignoring the alcoholic and do not give them additional alcoholic drinks -- this will often make the situation worse.

Step 5

Present possible solutions and options to the alcoholic when sober by hosting a family and friend intervention. Although executing an intervention will take will power and courage, it will also present the alcoholic with options for rehabilitation and family or moral support -- giving you the best opportunity to help them. Address the problems and anger issues the person displays when under the influence and have each person who is attending share why they care and would like the person to seek help.

Step 6

Offer resources for local and distant rehabilitation centers while encouraging family and solo counseling -- to help with emotional recovery and withdrawal from alcohol.