How to Convince People You Are Not a Goody Goody

How to Convince People You Are Not a Goody Goody. The term "goody goody," or "goody two shoes," refers to people who tend to be pretentious and self-centered. Often, attitudes of shyness or confidence can even get you pegged as a goody two shoes. If you have been called a goody goody one too many times and would like to convince people you aren't, a few tips can help.

Step 1

Be unique and try to stand out from the crowd. People who are goody goodies tend to be preppy, dressing in a way that conforms with the rest and not really making a statement. Whether you decide to style your hair in a new way, wear t-shirts that proclaim things you believe in or simply paint your nails in a vibrant color, strutting your personal style will quickly convince others that you are not pretentious.

Step 2

Befriend as many people and types of people as possible. Goody goodies most often stick to one small group of friends. However, if you are outgoing and friendly with everyone no one can ever say you are a goody two shoes.

Step 3

Have confidence in yourself and don't be afraid to stick up for yourself. If you are called goody goody or some other name, don't respond by whining, "I am not," as it only proves them right. Respond with a confident reply such as, "It's good to be good," and move on with your day as if nothing happened. You know who you are and you know you are not stuck up, so don't let the comments of others get you down.

Step 4

Smile, laugh, converse openly with your friends and don't hide or be afraid to be yourself. There will always be people that are jealous of your confidence and uniqueness and their response will be name calling and other digs. The best way to convince others that you are not a goody goody is to be sociable and proud of who you are.